Sunday, April 26, 2015

The final piece of the SWAP puzzle...

I promise you this does look better on me than on Vera.  It hangs like a misshapen sack, but it looks good on, or at least I think so.

It's Kwik Sew 3334, which I've made a couple of times over the years.  I like the shorter, fitted shape and I love the rounded shawl collar.  This kind of jacket is great for my face shape and I chose it for this collection as I think the higher collar tops sit nicely under it and the shape of the neckline matches those on the top and dresses.

For a pop of colour and to add some weight to the body, I lined it with leftover geometric print from the dress.  I had hoped to have enough for another top but there was barely enough to do this.

So that's another 11 piece SWAP collection added to my wardrobe and I've even worn some of the pieces already.  I am absolutely thrilled with these garments and I think this is the most cohesive collection I have ever made, which is pretty good considering I didn't plan it, didn't think I'd take part this year and made it up as I went along!  For the first time, there is not one garment that will languish, as there has been in other SWAPs I've sewn.  Perhaps I've been overthinking it all these years!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Home Stretch...

I've made the two final tops for my SWAP.   Funnily enough, the last one was not one I even intended to make, but it fits the plan better than the my original idea, or at least I think so.

First up is the top Burda 05-109-103 which is the same pattern as the pink geometric dress from last week. 

I lined it with a leftover from the geometric dress to and piped the waist band to tie it in with the initial other things in the collection.  The pink knit I used for the piping is leftover from a dress and top I made for the original Shetland Collection.

So with the pink knit sitting around as I sewed, I started to think that maybe I should use it up.  Whilst rummaging in my pattern box for a jacket pattern (which I only found today) I came across Burda 8715, which is one of the first patterns I ever bought.  The skirt pattern was the base for my TNT pencil skirt and I've made the jacket twice before, but I've never made the top.

I thought the high collar tied in well with the collar of the pink spotty blouse from last week. It actually looks way better on than it does on Vera and it gives two very different looks when tucked in or left out.  This was a real surprise to me and I'm so glad I made it.

To give myself an idea of whether or not the collection worked together and whether or not they worked with the fabric I have for the final garment, I laid them all out (still unpressed) on the bed to see how they look.  Overall I'm pretty pleased and now just have to decide on the final pattern!

Monday, April 13, 2015

SWAP nearing completion...

Here are some hasty and very bad pictures of my SWAP so far.  This blouse is BWOF 05-10-129.  I've made this twice before but this time I left off the breast pockets and flaps. In addition, I lengthened both the bodice and the peplum by 2.5cm each.  You will recognise this fabric from the waistband facings and pocket bags of the skirt and shorts in my previous post.
Next up is a wildcard which is BWOF 05-09-103, which I've also made twice before.  I love, love, love this dress!

I dived deep into the Burda collection for this blouse.  It's so old, the Burda website doesn't go back this far.  It's BWOF 10-03-123 and I was surprised to realise I've been buying the magazine for this long!
This blouse is BWOF 05-10-128 and has the same bodice as the first blouse, but with a more full peplum, also lengthened like the first one.

I have one more top in production but I just ran out of energy to cut it finished today.  After that all I need is one more top and one more wildcard and SWAP will be DONE for 2015!

Friday, April 3, 2015

SWAP is gathering momentum...

It's funny how this SWAP has come together.  I had no plan, no idea at all of what I would make yet it is turning into the most cohesive collection I have made in my entire sewing career.  Nothing I'm making is earth shattering or life changing or even challenging. Rather it represents a shift in my fundamental and instinctive understanding of what makes a capsule wardrobe work.

Sew, with that in mind, I present the most recent additions.

These shorts are BWOF 07-09-113 and originally were cuffed but I chose to make them without cuffs this time. I've made these twice before and it's a great pattern; simple and fits well. 

I've made them from silver sateen leftover from the dress in my last post.  I've also piped the pockets so they tie in with the dress.

The waistband facing and pocket bags are made from an animal print cotton that I used to make a dress some years ago.  It's hard to tell from these pictures but there is a lot of grey in the print so they go well with the sateen.  Remember this fabric, you will see it again!

 One final garment from the sateen is BWOF 02-10-104 and I've made this several times before also.  Pockets are piped like the shorts and the waistband and pocket bags are the same animal print as the shorts.  
Coming up next is the five tops I'm making to go with these two bottoms.  I just need to come up with two more items and my SWAP will be done!
Happy Easter one and all!