Monday, May 25, 2009

While I was flooded in ...

We've been experiencing some pretty severe and unseasonal rain here in the subtropics. Wednesday morning the forecast was for at least 100mm of rain and winds of up to 110km/h. I went in to work early and paid my staff and then went home to prepare. I have to cross five causeways to get out of my valley and if the weather was going to be as wild as predicted, I knew I wouldn't even be able to wade across, much less drive. Within an hour of me arriving home, the river rose more quickly than I have ever seen it and my whole east paddock, with its gently trickling stream leading into a sweet little waterhole became a raging torrent with standing waves. It was Friday before I could leave my property.

So I sewed.

First up was this Kwik Sew top, I think it's 3378 but I'm not sure. It was a wadder anyway. My first wadder, in fact. I hate the fabric (cost me 30c at the op shop) and I hate the pattern.
Next up was this top, made from some vile flesh tone nylon crap that I bought somewhere a long time ago. It's for wearing under things that are a little see through. When I tried on the white top I made last week, all I could see was my striped bra underneath, so I needed a cover up and this is it. I finished the neckline in undie elastic for speed.

This skirt was made from a leftover scrap of paisley microfibre I made a dress from last winter. It fell out of the cupboard when I was looking for the fleshtone fabric, so I decided to use it instead of putting it away again. The zip was a 30c find at an op shop and I lined it with caramel lining I found in my cupboard and have no recollection of actually buying. It was obviously for something because I bought 4metres of it!
After saying I wouldn't make the BWOF wrap top again ... I did. I bought this fabric for the colour only and when I got it home it just decided that this was the best design for it. I lengthened it by about 5cm and I think I will like it better now.

Next up I decided to make this BWOF dress. I don't remember the number but I think it was 01-2008. I was ambivalent about the dress to start with and I don't think I chose the right fabric. The fabric is a rayon jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics and has a lovely hand, but I don't think it was right for this dress. I think I will shorten it to a top.
The next thing I tackled was another pair of Burda Anita jeans. I cut these out a few weeks ago and have been putting off starting them for some reason.These are made from a reversible stretch cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics. It's brown on one side and a lovely shade of orange on the other. When it arrived, it was different to what I had expected so my original plan for it went out the window. I didn't know what to make with it, so I washed it and hung it out to dry and figured I'd work it out later. By the time it was dry, I knew what I would do. I don't know how well it shows up in these pictures, but when it dried the fabric had this wonderful snake skin like effect to it. It also has a feel of oilcloth and is absolutely perfect for jeans.I used some cotton leftover from my coffee date dress for the waistband facing and pocket lining. You probably can't see from these pictures, but I've used another variegated thread for the topstitching. This one is shades of gold and is called Autumn Harvest. I'm rather partial to these threads and I'm getting a fine collection of colourways.
I got flooded in again on Saturday and spent the weekend tracing patterns and cutting out. This week I have two dresses, a jacket, a coat and a pair of pants all ready to go. As much as I don't want it to rain anymore, I really don't mind if it does ...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally something to show ...

This weekend was the first time I got into my sewing room. I've had the Royal Mothers Day Lunch for the Unbelievably Selfish and Unappreciative Family, I've had a weekend away in Brisbane to see Sydney Dance Company and then a weekend when I had to work.

Finally, with a whole day to myself I knocked these out;

This is Kwik Sew 3338 with a cowl collar addition as shown in a recent issue of Australian Stitches. The magazine variation included a gather front, but I just added the collar. This is made from Italian Rayon Jersey I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics and is the most beautiful jersey I have ever sewn or worn.

Next up is BWOF 01-2009-110 top.

The side ruffles are a little hard to see in this fabric, but here's a closer shot. This is another Gorgeous Fabrics poly jersey.

I also found I can wear these together on very cold days.

Lastly I made this top from BWOF 02-2009-108 top from a cotton jersey I bought at my local fabric store, The Silver Thread. It looks more orange in this shot than it really is. I stabilised the shoulder seams with twill tape, as I always do with knits, but in this case I will remove it because it needs to stretch in the shoulders to have the neckline sit correctly.

After I finished these I made a pair of pants for DH from the BWOF 10-2008-136 pattern. I just need to finish the belt loops and do the hand sewing before you get a look at those.

As a parting shot, here is a very bad picture of me taken early this morning wearing the dress I made from Vogue 1020. I took the side view in the hope that you would be able to see the gathers, but all I've managed is to make my arms look fat and my boobs look huge and saggy. And my sexy boots didn't even make it into the shot!