Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boring bloke sewing ...

I've been stressed and busy with a lot of things, including a trip home at short notice last weekend, so my sewing has suffered a little.  I've had no mind for anything too difficult, so I churned out three TNT garments in 24 hours.

I actually remembered to photograph these shirts before I sent them off.  Grant needed some lightweight long sleeve loose cotton  tops because he works outdoors in the sun.  They are all from KS3250 which I've made more times than I can count over the years. 

This is a well used TNT pattern long ago adjusted to fit Grant's big chest and shoulders and shorter torso.  The camo version is quilting cotton that I bought for $10 a metre about 4 years ago, the striped version is from an old sheet (I even cut it so the hem of the sheet is the hem of the shirt) and the blue poplin has been in my stash for about a century and the thread was all leftover from other projects, making all three essentially free shirts.  They're even already packed and ready to post in the morning.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cake sewing ...

Now that StephC over at 3 Hours Past has put the idea of cake sewing into my head, I think about it every time I sew.  I've been guilty of what I call 'folly sewing' in recent times.  This little jacket is BWOF 03-10-102 (I can't link to it for some reason).  I've made it before and I really like it.  The pattern calls for three buttons but I only put one button at the neck and tucked it under the collar.  The fabric is a cotton blend from Gorgeous Fabrics.  It is an orangey red, probably what people call jaffa.  It's hard to tell from this picture, but it has a dark purple, aqua and white stripe with a crinkly gold thread.  It pairs well with the purple skirt I made a few weeks ago as well as my purple jeans.

 I understitched the collar to ensure it would sit properly.  I love the shape of this collar and the sweet little curved stand that makes it sit so perfectly.
 Here are some gratuitous inside shots for StephC.  I've lined it with a dark purple, also from Gorgeous Fabrics
 Here's the label I used this time.


This is a shot of the cute litte button I've used.  It's another vintage button from the op shop, made from some kind of shell.  You can see the colours quite well in this shot.

While I was threaded up in orange I made some shorts as well. These are BWOF 07-09-113 which were cuffed, but I've left the cuff off.  The waistband facing is leftover purple denim from my recent skirt and jeans (it's almost all gone now) and the pocket bags are from the same purple lining as the jacket.  The zipper was from stash (op shop purchase more than ten years ago) and the button was from a $10 for a kilo bag I bought at the button shop in Newtown a few years ago.  I plan to wear this with a white t shirt and an aqua cardigan I saw at the op shop.  I like the tacky golf-shorts feel of this garment.

Something screwy is going on with formatting so I apologise for this being all over the place!
Last up is a long forgotten refashion that I discovered in a plastic tub, while doing a bit of a cleanup after being inspired by Peter at Male Pattern Boldness and his stash organisation.  I discovered quite a few unfinished things and bits of fabric I had completely forgotten about, so you may see more tomorrow.  This is a black, orange, mustard and chartreuse boucle cut down from an oversized 50c skirt op shop skirt.  Ironically, it goes perfectly with the chartreuse version of the checked jacket I made last year.