Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much to show ...

But I did make this dress. It's BWOF 08-2007-106. It's a red swirl jersey with a touch of gold in it, which I bought from Fashionista Fabrics at least two years ago. It's butter soft, with an almost sueded finish. It feels lovely to wear and my poor photography does not do this justice. I decided not to put the bow on the front and you can't really see the ruching, but it's there. The dress is OK. I don't love it, but I don't hate it, so it will be good for work wear with a pair of black high heeled boots to help un-frump it.

I have a friend who is close to having her first baby, so I've been knitting in front of television at night. First up is a plain old jumper (sweater to you Americans) made from a self striping yarn. Again, my camera doesn't do the yarn justice as the blues are soft and fluffy and the greens are quite citrusy, in fact they would not look out of place in Carolyn's Gelati collection. I love the way that the self striping yarn made the instep of each bootee a different colour.

Finally is a little tomato hat. I've made loads of these for babies over the years and I think it's a really fun thing for a baby when they are most wearing cute and pretty things. I found a half ball of leftover purple yarn and I'm thinking I will make one in purple and call it an eggplant hat.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What I did this weekend ...

I finished a few items that had been cut out and waiting in my sewing room for a while. This top is another version of Kwik Sew 3338 with the added cowl collar from Stitches magazine. I made this a while ago and it's proven to be a great wardrobe staple. This is from a very soft jersey from Georgeous Fabrics and is actually darker than this picture suggests. I also cut the XS this time and the fit is much better.Remember the purple animal print I bought a while ago? As soon as I had it in my hand it screamed at me to become this dress. It's Vogue 1020. I just noticed that the dress on the pattern envelope is in animal print, too, so I guess that's where I got my inspiration. The wind picked up when I took Vera outside to take the picture, so the sleeves are waving away. I can't wait to wear this dress! If DH thought the brown version was loud, he's really going to hate this one! Next up I made another version of the BWOF 09-2007-117 dress that I've made before. This one is made from stretch sateen. It's still pinned in this picture, but I did all the hand sewing last night while watching television and I'm actually wearing it today. I lined the dress this time using the same pattern. I haven't lined the sleeves, though, just the body.Here's a bad picture of the dress in action, taken in my office at 7am today. I'm wearing a turtleneck with a geometric pattern of teal, brown and mustard under it. When I was dressing I remembered I had this teal vintage overcoat that matches the top perfectly, so I put this outfit together and I'm rather pleased with it. Except I look fat and the dress looks more wrinkled than it is.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been sewing ...

I've had a rough time computer wise. My desktop at home has just stopped (it is 8 years old, so it's done well). My laptop screen is dying a slow death and will currently only work in very bright colours. At work I've just had a new server installed and that failed after two days, which meant I had the computer tech in my office for a day and a half trying to fix it (not to mention that my staff have been in a panic all week because none of them understand how computers work). To give you an indication of the intelligence of some of them; recently a young woman appeared in my office to tell me that the photocopier didn't work so I went to help her. From across the room I could tell it was out of paper. So I told her it was out of paper. She asked what she should do. I told her to put paper in it.
Then my work computer started freezing as well. The server is back up, my work computer has been cleaned and defragged and I've ordered a new computer for home.

This weekend I sewed a tracksuit for DH. I'm rather pleased because I've never sewn fleece before. DH wanted a zip front hoodie, so I pulled out some open ended zips and he surprised me by choosing a red one. (This is the same man who told me my brown spot dress was 'too f*cking loud'). When I was checking out a RTW hoodie I noticed the hood was lined with a soft fleece, so I decided to line this one with some red cotton interlock from an old tshirt, just for balance. The pattern is Kwik Sew 3028 and it went together easily. I forgot to photograph the pants. I took these sad ones at 5.30am today in a rush and on the bed.

Last Friday I went to Tweed Heads and by accident found an incredible fabric store tucked away in the industrial area. It's called Fantazia Fabricland and is packed to the rafters with stuff. The store was very busy and had about 10 customers lined up waiting with purchases, something you would not have guessed from the plain exterior. While I was purchasing some interfacing to finish my brown Vogue jacket, I found this novelty yarn at $1 a ball, in the perfect colours for my vanilla choc orange wardrobe (such that it is at present). It's soft and warm and only took a few hours in front of a movie on Sunday night. I plan to have some proper sewing done this week ...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet Zoe ...

This dress came to light when I was pawing through my wardrobe looking for things to use for a JCC2 orphan. I knew I had made a jacket in green wool, but I had totally forgotten I had made this dress. It was actually finished, complete and hanging there waiting to be worn.

It's the Zoe dress from Burda, I think you can still download this free. I must have made this about three years ago now. I even managed a pretty good lapped zipper. I partially lined it with a remnant of some pale green lining that I remember now was left over from making a pair of lined pants out of this same wool about 7 years ago. I parted with those some years ago because they were way too big and guess what, I had nothing to wear with them!

The lemony green paisley blouse from my JCC2 looks good with the dress, but the crinkled chiffon I bought last week will look even better. What I love most about this outfit is that the beret (Vogue 8440) is a perfect accessory with the dress, at least in my opinion.

I apologise for the bad picture, I really need to get to grips with my camera and find out how to actually use it properly. Better still, find someone to take pictures for me. I also apologise for the lily white legs. I couldn't be bothered putting pantyhose or tights on and if you've read my post about my sewing room, you will see that my solarium is covered in fabric and I can't get near it!

I didn't sew this weekend. I traced patterns. Vera is currently wearing two half finished items, which I will get to over the next few days, so there will be more to look at soon.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Three days after I finished ...

I found this fabric, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for with my JJC2. It's hard to tell from this picture, but the background of this fabric is the same chartreuse colour as my jacket (and another as yet undisclosed garment I found lurking in the back of the cupboard and forgot I had made). I have always envisaged a blouse with large floaty sleeves and a long cuff, with a high neck and a long floaty tie. I even had a vintage pattern pulled out and ready to go. All the chiffons I could find (either in stores or in my stash) were in prints and colours that did not match. So I made two blouses in cottons. I love the blouses I've made and they both go well with the jacket, skirt and pants I made for the JCC2. In fact, I have worn both of them already this week.

But this almost exactly what I imagined. It's not nearly as girly and frou frou as the picture suggests and the purples have the right level of 'dirtiness' that I like in these colours. This weekend I had planned to make DH another shirt and trial a t-shirt pattern for him, but my floaty blouse has just jumped to the top of the list, so he'll have to wait.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

JCC2 completed ...

Here's my very bad late night shot from Tuesday night of the final blouse with jacket. I'm still not sure about this fabric, but here it is ...I forgot to photograph the cap. You'll just have to wait for the weekend when I do the final photos. Oh, and I need to press the crap out of this jacket!