Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Emergency sewing ...

Despite eating constantly, consuming large quantities of wine and not going to the gym for six weeks, I am still too skinny for the few clothes I have with me. With the weather cooling and no immediate arrival of my belongings from Hobart, I needed some clothes.

I started with this one which is an amalgam of BWOF 02-13-127 top and BWOF 02-13-128 dress without the ruffle down the front. I made the 36.  The fabric is a cheap poly knit I bought the other day for $6 a metre at Spotlight.  Now, I know I've not had many good things to say about Spotlight in Hobart, but let me tell you that Spotlight Lismore is a whole nother story! This is more purple than it appears in this shot and there is a single row of brown that I've placed at empire line for effect.

Also made from another $6 a metre poly knit is this version of V8825.  I chopped about 8 inches off so it's only a little longer than the tunic version.  When I read the reviews on Pattern Review, someone (sorry don't recall who) mentioned they thought this dress had a 70's vibe and I agree.  I thought this fabric had a 70's vibe, too, so I combined them.  I thought a 70's dress needed to be suitably short as well.  I can't tell you how much I love this dress! I can't wait to wear it.

Now that I seem to be getting  back to the real world, I may just have to tell the tale of my return home, complete with sewing pictures!