Sunday, June 24, 2012

The last of the red wool ...

I couldn't get the jacket I had originally planned from the remains of this wool, so I went with M5244 View B this time.  I made View A in lavender for my SWAP but this is the view that prompted me to buy this pattern in the first place.  The pattern envelope has a version in faux fur and I still want to make one of those.

For once I made no alterations to the pattern and I even put the buttons where the pattern said to put them.  I lined it in the same poly charmeuse I used for the matching red skirt.  It's taken me three weeks to finish this jacket because of the lack of button availability in Tasmania, but I ended up using three buttons from my stash that have been there for a VERY long time. 

I still had some bits leftover, not big enough for a garment but plenty for this little hat.  It's V8440 which I've made at least four times before.  I bought this pattern for a SWAP some years ago that required an accessory and I've continued that inspiration.  It's modelled here by Molly, who doesn't care.

I'm not sure what I want to make next.  I may tackle that purple faux fur jacket ...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pulling things together ...

The purple skirt and jeans from my SWAP have so far seen limited wear as I don't have a lot that goes with them.  I realise that my colour ability is limited, so unless I see fabrics together I find it hard to imagine what goes with what and this makes for a lot of orphans in my wardrobe. 

A trip to Spotlight to see if I was fortunate enough for them to have stocked the zipper rack proved very fruitful.  Not only did they have a black invisible zipper in the length I wanted, they had a length of fabric I wanted and there weren't 193 people in a queue with only one cashier.  I found this fabric on the sale table for $5 a metre and was delighted to find that there was an additional 40% off, so it cost me $3 per metre.

The print is not one I necessarily like, but the colours in it makes it very versatile.  It goes with my purple SWAP bottoms, the red skirt from last week, black and even brown.  I decided to make BWOF 01-08-116 wrap top that was very popular a few years ago.  As I have become enamoured of Frankenpatterning, I did a bit on this top.  First of all, I lengthened it by 5cm, then I frankenpatterned the sleeve head onto my TNT t-shirt KS3338 and finally frankenpatterned the fronts with the ties onto the wrap ties from M5974.  The original ties are just hemmed and show the wrong side of the fabric.  I know from previous versions of this top that it drove me crazy.

These ties are wedge shaped rather than square and seamed together to create a neat, easy to use and attractive tie.  I never really loved this pattern before, but now I've made these changes I really like it.

I think I have become the queen of squeezing many garments from small amounts of fabric because I was able to get another very useful garment out of it.  This is BWOF 08-08-118, which I have now made three times and I know will go into heavy rotation immediately.

I'm rather pleased with my sewing; two garments for $9!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's a wrap ...

I suspect I'm probably the last person in the world to make V8379.  In keeping with the FrankenPattern Pledge I decided it was time.  I cut a size 10 and made a few alterations.  I could tell that the bodice would be too short, so I've lengthened it by about 2.5cm (which with this fabric I could have forgone) and I shortened the skirt by about 5cm.  I also took quite a lot of fullness from the skirt as I don't like it too swishy.  You may recall from last week that I dislike 3/4 sleeves, so I frankenpatterned the sleeve head from V8379 with the arm from my beloved KS3338 t-shirt.  I didn't use the collar because I don't like it and I didn't use the facings, instead I twin needled a hem over clear elastic.  I haven't hemmed the sleeves or skirt because this fabric stretches way too much and I didn't want a wavy hem.

The fabric is a heavy slinky knit I bought from about 4 years ago for $1.99 a yard, so it also sits nicely with the Franken Pattern Pledge and creates room in the fabric cupboard.  I had thought of including this in my SWAP, but I didn't know what to use it for.  The weight of this knit has meant it wasn't suitable for most things I had thought I could use it for, so it's sat in my stash waiting for the right thing.

I'm not sure if it's a result of the very stretchy fabric, but this dress is a little large.  It may be just because the weight pulls it down.  I sewed ribbon into the shoulder and waist seams to help keep the shape.  I normally keep a large quantity of cotton twill tape on hand  for this purpose, but I ran out.  Of course, Spotlight doesn't have any.  I wandered around in there cursing under my breath looking for something I could use and came across the craft section.  I ended up buying these two rolls of craft ribbon for 99c each.  There is 4m in a roll and you can get all sorts of colours and a few different widths (I used 6mm wide), so I think I'll go back and buy every colour.  The ribbon looks a whole lot nicer than the twill tape I've been using and if I can colour co-ordinate, then so much the better.

I've spent the majority of my day cutting out a jacket and lining, so I hope to start work on that during the week.  Then the search for buttons will begin.