Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stash busting ...

I have a sewing queue about 500 garments long, so instead of sewing anything I already have planned I made this top.  It's BWOF 03-07-120 lengthened by 5cm as I wanted to wear this over leggings.  The blue broderie anglaise is leftover from one of the first Burda dresses I ever sewed way back in 2002.  The dress is long gone (poorly made and bad fit) but this good size chunk of fabric has been in my stash ever since. 

If you follow the link to the line drawing, you will see that the hemline is curved but I wanted to use the edge of the fabric as the hem so the sides dip down when worn, which I like and have tops that were made that way.  The broderie is very sheer and I lined the original dress with a matching blue poplin.  For this top I lined to top half only and left the bottom unlined, which will be perfect for a sub-tropical summer.  The top in the magazine had two lengths of ribbon stitched under the bust for decoration and as I had a small piece of the border left I decided to sew that into the seam.  All things considered I am very pleased with this top, which is essentially a free garment (the thread was leftover, too).

If you look closely at the picture you might be able to see that the right side is actually pinned together.  The reason for this is that I have no zip and I don't mean I have no zip in my stash.  Spotlight (the only fabric store in Tasmania) has no 16inch blue invisible zips.  I am going to Melbourne next week for work, so I will try to get to Clegs.  If not, it will have to wait until I go home at christmas and can get to a real fabric store.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Spotlight?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ambivalence ...

This is M8787 and I'm not sure about it.  It's made from a cheap velour I got somewhere that I can't recall.  It looks quite luxe at night but doesn't stand up to scrutiny in daylight, so that may be the problem.  Perhaps in a nice print or a plain sateen I may feel differently.  I just don't think this angled neck is very flattering on me  The cowl version I know I will love as the rest of the pattern fits me really well.

I had originally made this with long sleeves but it wasn't very comfortable, so I took them out and finished the armholes with satin bias binding.  It looks better sleeveless and actually works really well with the silver shoes in my last post.