Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SWAP Inspiration ...

Well, I had to start somewhere ...

I'm thinking my SWAP might end up with the title 'Black and Bling'.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pattern numbers added

I've had a few requests for pattern numbers so I've added them for anyone who might be interested.  Mostly they are Burda, but I've added the vintage patterns also.
The spotted halter blouse is Vogue 2269 from 1989 and includes the halter I have shown, a cutaway sleeveless version, a cut on extended sleeve, a 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve version.  I bought this pattern for 20c (if you follow the link you will see it is selling for $24) at the op shop and I already have plans for a cutaway version.  I'll need to adjust the pattern to remove the height for the shoulder pad, but that's simple enough.

The blue dress is Vogue 1675 from 1986 and has a straight skirt and a full circle skirt version.  There are a few neckline variations, too.  I love the cutaway armholes as they are very flattering on me.  This pattern was another 20c op shop purchase and the link will take you to an ebay site where it is selling for $9.

The blouse pattern is Style 4070 and I can't find a link on the internet anywhere, but it dates from 1984 and has two necklines, one is a notched collar and the other buttons all the way up (don't know what you call that).  There are two sleeve variations; one is cut on sleeve and the other is a regular sleeve.  I love the 50's look of this blouse and once I get this pattern muslined, I know it will become a regular.  Once again, this was a 20c purchase.  I have so many wonderful patterns from this one particular op shop in Mullumbimby and it's one of the many things I miss about home!
I find it interesting that many of the Burda patterns I've considered for my SWAP are patterns I skipped over completely when I first got the magazines.  It's a great example of how SWAP actually makes me think about what I sew, rather than sewing something because I've had an emotional response to a pretty picture.  If only I could harness that for the rest of my sewing year ...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SWAP 2013

I've put my hand up again for SWAP this year and I've changed my method of planning.  I usually start with the fabric or at least a colour scheme then struggle to find patterns.  This time I have started with the patterns. 

These may not be the final patterns, but they at least represent the direction I want to go in. The rules this year require us to make two mini collections connected by a bridging garment.  I have decided to make a plainer or day collection and a dressier or night collection, the idea being that by adding say a top from the dressy side to a bottom from the plain side, an outfit can go from work to dinner etc.  My bridging garment will most likely be a dressy trench.  The picture in the middle is an inspiration  (I think it was Cue) that I have wanted to knock off for at least 3 years (and I have the fabric).

The left side is the plain side and I intend to make
2 x tops
2 x bottoms
1 x dress
These will all be a plain colour and will have a slight late 50's/early 60's feel to it.  This picture of Stockard Channing is inspiration and I've wanted to replicate this look for years.  I love the slim skirt and the fitted blouse with it's cute turned up collar. I'm on the hunt for a good pattern for side zip pedal pushers, if you happen to see one around.
The dressy side will be more simple patterns and this is where I will have more fun.  I have a hankering for some mini sequins, perhaps in a tunic top but I don't know if that will work.  The sorts of patterns I have in mind on this side also lean more towards the early 60's.
I have time to toss this around and get it right, so there will be other incarnations of this plan but at least I've started.