Sunday, October 24, 2010

Opinions please ...

I made this blouse, which is BWOF 02-10-114 from a wonderful cotton I bought in Tweed Heads. My dilemma is whether to use white or red buttons. Black I've already dismissed as too boring. I hope you can actually see them as these photos are out of focus. This is a lovely pattern and has a long version, too, which I think is 113. I omitted the large, turn back cuffs, but I'm considering making a long version in red. The long version also has oversized collar and stand, which looks fun. This stand is square, too, which is way more easy than the usual curved one.

I can't decide on red or white buttons, so I'm keen to hear your opinion. I'm leaning towards red because it takes away the preppy feel, in my opinion.

Here's also a bad shot of my label, which I made in red for this one because it felt like fun.

This skirt is BWOF 02-10-104. I made the shorter version with a piece of wool that came from the Vera Wang collection on I know a lot of people expressed disappointment with the quality of some fabric, but this wool is lovely. It's quite fine and even a little see through so I lined it. It has 1% lycra, too, so it will be comfortable. Sadly, as Vera and I begin to look less and less like each other, this skirt looks daggy on her. You can't tell from this shot, but there are angled pockets at the hips.

This is a shot of the inside. I used the cotton from the blouse to face the band as well as make the pocket bags.

Two more additions to the travel wardrobe. Now that I'm almost finished my assignment, there will be more time for sewing!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It looks better on me ... edited

I took this bad photo from the magazine I saw this in originally. I love this with the over knee boots. Faye, this about where it hits me - just below mid thigh.



This fitted Cue dress has a cut out back. I found almost the identical fabric (would you believe it) but I decided I liked the crazy paving effect better than the floral. It looks sack-like and 70's hippy on Vera, but on me, with over knee boots it is actually kinda sexy, if I do say so myself. The original picture I have of this dress shows it worn with over knee boots. I used KS3633 the same as I used for the striped dress last post. I have a couple of different coloured tight slips to go underneath, a black, a red and a flesh coloured. I cut extra small at the top grading to small on the hips and it fits perfectly with no unsightly pulling. It's the first real knock off I've ever done and it was a pretty simple one, but I'm uncommonly pleased with this. It's the only eveningish dress I will take. I will post a photo of me wearing it in a yet to be determined location.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some sewing going on

In the order I sewed them;

Burdastyle shorts downloaded free from the website about three years ago. I've made them about six times now and have no idea of the name or number but I love these shorts. The flat front style with the buttoned sides is very flattering. These are made from remnants. It's a printed drill that was leftover from a christmas present last year. Buttons and black drill from stash: another 'free' garment!

M5974 again but I've forgotten which view this is. I bought this border print knit a year ago and the border confused me every time I laid the fabric up to cut out. I cut the borders off, laid the fabric up on the table and then I had a better idea of what I wanted to do. I sewed the borders together to make the sash. I've already worn this with a red belt.

This is KS3633 which I bought to knock off something I will show you later in the week. This is part of a travel wardrobe I'm in the process of making. The fabric is way nicer than it looks in this shot.

I had enough left to make another 3/4 sleeve t shirt. Another 'free' garment! I probably won't include this in my travel wardrobe as I don't want two similar garments clogging up my luggage.

This is another part of my travel collection. It's BWOF 03-10-126. It's not hemmed as I ran out of thread and I am presently flooded in as it has been raining non-stop for about three days so I can't get out to buy more. I'm not sure about this style yet as I don't normally wear things like this, but I'm sure it will be comfortable for long flights.

I may be unable to get to work tomorrow unless it stops raining overnight, so there may well be more to see tomorrow!