Sunday, July 18, 2010

Popping up

I've been busy. Too much going on. My energy is limited and my mojo almost non existent. I have made a few things, but nothing really very exciting.

These jeans are from the free Burda style Anita jeans pattern that I make every time. Somehow I managed to erase all the other pictures I took and this is the only one left on the camera. Of course, I managed to keep the one that makes me look 6months pregnant. I used a heavy duty thread for the top stitching but I won't do that again, it looks a little cartoony to me. Still, the fit is good and I needed jeans desperately. Boy do I look fat in this picture!

This is KS 33378 I think, the twist neck top that I have binned every time I've made it. This time it seems to work. This is an incredibly soft rayon jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. The fabric will probably stretch a lot with wear, but it feels so lovely on my skin I don't care if it looks too big.

I knit this from a Jo Sharp pattern in an alpaca and silk blend. You can't really see it in the picture but the ribbing is 20cm long and goes way up over the waist, keeping the garment close to the body.

I've cut some fabric from my purple and green collection, but I am having trouble staying in my sewing room to actually stitch any of it together. I'll have another go this afternoon.