Monday, June 27, 2011

The top that didn't want to get made ...

The winter before last I bought a yard of purple rayon from Gorgeous Fabrics. For some time I had had a hankering for a purple and green wardrobe. I just wanted a simple purple long sleeved tshirt and I knew I could get my favourite Kwik Sew t from a yard. Somewhere along the line I changed my mind and decided to make the top from V1020, which I had made as a dress twice before. I could do it with a yard, but it meant jiggery pokery and cutting each piece out individually. I don't know what happened, but I managed to cut the front and back and one sleeve, but when it came time for the second sleeve, I somehow cut it out of the already cut out front piece. That's what happens when you get blase and don't pay attention. I thought I could just buy some more but, of course, it had ran out. I cursed my stupidity, put it in the UFO pile and forgot about it for two years.

Last year I still had the green and purple thing hanging around in my mind. By then I had bought some lovely green and purple wool boucles from the Vera Wang collection on (which still remain unsewn) and I had some ideas of what I wanted to make. I still wanted a purple t shirt, so I ordered some fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. It looked strangely familiar when I unpacked it ... I won't bore you with the details but I nearly messed it up again. I managed to complete the V1020 top, but I now have a t shirt back and one sleeve as well.

It didn't end there. When I started to sew, the foot pedal on my machine got stuck. I unplugged it and started again. Repeatedly. If you ever see me wearing this top, don't look too closely. At least, after three winters, I finally have a purple top. By the way, the white smudge is not on the garment, I think it's a dust mote, although I know some people say things like this appearing on photos are evil spirits ...

This top is another example of me cocking it up. I cut a a short sleeved tshirt from my favourite pattern KS3338 and some leftover fabric. Somehow between the cutting table and the sewing table, I managed to throw the sleeves away. I wasn't going through the bin. It's now sleeveless.

At the same time as I bought the second lot of purple fabric, I bought this olive green fleece from Gorgeous Fabrics. These don't look like much, but I am wearing them as I type and the pattern is great. It's KS3678 and has a zip front jacket as well. The pants have front and back in one piece (no side seam) and fit me perfectly. I have cut the jacket in black still to be made.

I wanted a loose sweat shirt to go with it to wear to the gym over my training clothes (it's been 3 degrees when I leave for the gym in the mornings). This is from KS3001 which is OOP. It's one of those useful unisex patterns with a few variations. Both are very easy patterns.

Nothing could be easier than this. It's M9551 (probably OOP) that I made from leftover scraps. I think it took longer to cut out than to sew. Do you like the way I've displayed on my tagine?

This cardigan is knitted from a pattern torn from an issue of Family Circle dating to September 1995. The yarn is a stunning 12ply mohair from Bendigo Woollen Mills that was leftover from a jumper I made for a friend 10 years ago. I had 2 x 200g balls left that I have wanted to use for years so when I unearthed the pattern in my collection, I was very happy. I knitted it over a few nights whilst watching the DVD of the whole Twin Peaks.

Next up, the animal print velour I mentioned last time ...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some winter sewing

My exams are over and I have my life to myself until next semester. If I ever find the person who told me I could work fulltime, study part time and still have a life ... wait, I think it was me.

I have actually been sewing, little by little. Here are some things I've made recently. Both the jacket and the skirt are made from a chartreuse wool and silk blend that was part of the Vera Wang collection sold on a couple of years ago. I had no idea what to make with this as it is a very difficult colour to wear. I didn't intend for the jacket and skirt to go together, but I had more of this fabric than I realised. Despite some rodent activity in my sewing room, leaving a sizable hole in this fabric, I still have enough left for something else. I may make a vest.

I have a love/hate relationship with this fabric. It is incredibly soft and very comfortable, but it stretches like crazy because of the twill weave. On the other hand, it took very little coercing with the steam iron to get it back to shape and it presses like a dream.

The jacket is BWOF 03-10-102. The pattern calls for three buttons but I only put one in and I like it this way. It is lined, but I fused a strip of interfacing to keep the sleeve shape as the drapiness of the fabric made it floppy.

It doesn't look so great on Vera, but I've already worn it to work with black leggings, boots and black top, which was the BWOF funnel neck from last year. I didn't photograph it because I am lazy, but I think you can imagine it. I used a vintage button that is divided into quadrants, two bronze and two brass.

I didn't underline or interface this jacket, so I wanted a lining with a bit of beef. I found this in my stash; an op shop purchase from ages ago awaiting a use. The purple and blue goes well, in my eyes, but what really tied it in is the mustard flowers. I even remembered to put a label in!

This picture is a bit poor, but this skirt is BWOF 01-11-113 with a godet/kick pleat at the back. The detail of the yoke creates the curve and it fits me right with no alterations. Sadly, Vera is not the same shape as me, so it looks less flattering on her.

Here is the back view. I interfaced the hem of the godet to make it sit better. I quite like the idea of purple with this, so I am planning a top to wear and I'm also nearly finished knitting a purple cardigan.

Purple and green seems to be the theme today. Here is a final baby gift. It's the same as the tomato hat I've made before, but I had some purple wool left over and decided to make an eggplant hat this time!

On my cutting table this week is a lot of trashy animal prints, faux fur and velvet. You could be excused for thinking I was planning a wardrobe for Stevie Nicks!