Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disjointed travel wardrobe

Sewing is done for my disjointed travel wardrobe. These shorts are from BWOF 05-09 and I think they are 103 but I can't remember. The fabric is more of the very fine Vera Wang wool that I used in the skirt in the last post. Pockets and facing are the same spot cotton. Nothing remarkable, but the fit is good and they will be comfortable.

This is another blouse from BWOF 02-10-114. Something unprecedented happened with this blouse: I don't not have suitable buttons in my stash so I HAD TO BUY SOME! These buttons were perfect ( from Moo Moo Stitches last Sunday in an emergency). The thing is, these buttons cost $2 each, totalling $20 and the fabric only cost me $10! But I love this blouse and it will get loads of wear. When it's time to toss it, I will keep the buttons. The close up is not too good, sorry. They are dyed shell with little flowers carved into them.

I made the longer version of this blouse also. I think it is 113 from the same BWOF issue. I used the oversized collar and stand, but did not use the outrageous oversized turn-back cuffs. I think they'd just piss me off after a while. Having made this blouse three times in a week, with three different fabrics I have to say the sleeve head is too big. I never have trouble inserting sleeves and I assumed it that the spot cotton was just harder to ease. Both the red one and this one have stretch and a looser weave and the sleeves were still hard to ease in. I ended up clipping the armscye a little. Next time I will shave some off the sleeve pattern piece.
The longer version has a lovely little gusset in the side. I like the way this turned out. Incidentally, I bought this fabric for the last SWAP with the intention of making a dress, but I felt it a little too masculine for the style I had chosen, so it has sat in the pile tempting me ever since. I think it works for this shirt.
Last up is a couple of berets I knitted from a Jo Sharp pattern you may recall I made once before (in green for my friend Jo). I love this pattern, it takes just one ball of Silkroad Aran Tweed and can be knitted in one evening in front of the television. One of these is a gift.
So there you have it. I hadn't intended to make a travel wardrobe, in fact, I hadn't really intended to be travelling so this is a little haphazard. By sticking with the red/black/white/grey theme and pulling items from my last SWAP (and indeed other things in those colours) and including a few purchased items I seem to have worked it out. I bought an incredible red and grey knit poncho from a recycled clothing store! I will post pictures of these things in action when I can find someone to take a picture for me.
Now I'm off to do a two hour exam!!