Monday, June 14, 2010

Disjointed week

Well, so much for the holiday. A series of incidents at work meant I was called back early. I will take more time off after the end of the financial year. I'll stop complaining and show you what I've sewn.

I made this pair of yoga pants. They are BWOF 11-2007-122. I made them from a microfleece and they are a delight to wear, despite this awful picture. I've traced the matching yoga top and will make that one day when I have time to do something other than work.

Remember the black and white boucle jacket I made that was too small (Vogue 8161)? I retraced the pattern in size 12 and made this jacket. It's in Gorgeous Fabrics rayon doubleknit and was inspired by a jacket I had many years ago. Back in the days when I had a real, honest career in film and television I travelled all the time. I had a red, black and white wardrobe that was wholly for travelling. As part of that wardrobe I had two doubleknit jackets, one red, one black. They were princess seamed zip front jackets and one the central panels were quilt stitched. They were able to dress up simple skirts and make them corporate friendly when I needed it, but they also worked with jeans for casual situations. The jackets are long gone, but the holes they left in my wardobe are still there and this jacket is the first attempt at plugging said holes. I love cardigans, but sometimes I feel frumpy so having a doubleknit jacket gives me the comfort without the frump. I will make a red one in the coming weeks.

On it's own, this jacket looked a little austere, so I hunted through my button stash and found these. I had only four and they came from they op shop where I purchased them for the princely sum of 50c! They're smaller than I would normally use on a jacket, but I didn't want the buttons to overpower the simplicity of the jacket.

I also made this skirt as a wearable muslin. It's BWOF 01-2008-127 and is part of a skirt suit. It has panels to give it shape (no darts) and is actually really flattering on me. I topstitched the seams on either side to highlight the shaping and to hold the doubleknit flat. I had intended to make a feature of the topstitching using a heavier thread, but it would not sew on the fabric, so I gave up. You may recall a few weeks ago I made a skirt from this same fabric (BWOF 06-2009-124) with pleats in front. It didn't even make it to its first wear. I recycled the lining and zipper for use in this skirt and the fabric will become something else. A perfect example of what happens when you don't use the recommended fabric. I have a green faux suede one of these in the pipeline.

Lastly, this evening in between basting roast potatoes in duck fat, I made this top. Once again, it's KS 3338 with the Stitches cowl variation. Last time I made this, Vicki asked which Stitches it was from. It's Volume 17, Number 2 and the magazine also added a gather in front and changed the sleeves. I just use the cowl and I love it, it covers the back of my neck without restricting. I also have a version of the cowl for the higher neckline.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It' not been happening for me this week ...

I started the week with a mind full of plans. I traced all the patterns I needed to, I washed and pressed all the fabrics I was going to cut, I even prepared a whole heap of food so I didn't have to worry about cooking.

You may recall a few weeks ago I mentioned a piece of lovely leopard print cotton fabric that I had no idea what to do with. Well, I decided to make BWOF 08-2009-128, the Parisian chic dress. I liked the idea of such a simple, elegant dress in an animal print. I even suggested to Gail that she make the same dress in a gorgeous silk animal print that she'd bought. Short version is this; I did not have enough fabric. No problem, I will drive up to Tweed Heads and buy some more. I moved on to the next garment. I had planned to make Vogue 1020 top as I'd made it loads of times before. I had a yard of lovely purple rayon jersey that I had bought especially for this top (part of a green and purple wardrobe). Short version is this: I cut the fabric out, but when I went to sew it up the front was missing. What I must have done is cut the front and put it aside, then when I went to cut the sleeves I grabbed a piece from the wrong pile and cut a sleeve out of the front instead of the scrap pile. Of course, Gorgeous Fabrics has now sold out of this colour! That's what I get for not paying attention when I cut. The next day when I went to Tweed Heads to buy more leopard print they, too, had run out! They had another version with a slightly more yellow background that I may go back and buy tomorrow.

I spent a day trying to figure out what to do with the leopard print, but I have now put it aside and tried to MOVE ON!!

I made this dress from Vogue 8489. I bought this fabric when I was buying everything red and black for my SWAP. Originally I had planned to make the famous Vogue 8379 wrap dress, but once again I did not have enough fabric. Now, I have never been in love with this dress or the fabric, which is Swirly Girl Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. The gold is a bit more in your face than I normally like, but when I started to put this dress together, I decided it was the perfect combination. It's brighter than this picture suggests and the gold catches the light beautifully.

In between cutting out and making this dress, I decided to make a new dog bed. This goes to show how obsessed you get with your sewing. Molly likes this bed, but she sleeps with me at night, so it only gets used when she wants to be alone. It originally had some rubber backed nylon crap, which stretched and tore pretty quickly. Given that the whole thing cost $30 I don't know why I wrestled with this, but the canvas was from stash and I hate to waste things. It took me about 45 mins to rip open the old bit, cut it out and sew but I spent about two hours trying to wrestle this back together. It was made more difficult by the bend in the steel caused by someone who stood on it to try and reach something high. And it wasn't Molly or I.

When I entered SWAP this year I had two wardrobes bubbling away at the back of my mind. One was the red and black I made, the other was a green and purple wardrobe. The diagonally striped rayon jersey to the right of this picture was the beginning. I bought it two years ago and because the pattern is diagonal, it has defeated me. I don't know what to do with it.

I pulled a whole heap of vaguely similar colours from stash. There are still more but I was too lazy to haul all the boxes down. You can see the forsaken purple rayon in the middle of this picture. To the left is some lovely purple slinky that will become a dress in the next day or two. As for the rest, I have no idea. I'm leaving all this on the bed for inspiration.
Today is trench day and as soon as this is posted, I will eat my breakfast and trace my trench pattern, but as this has turned into a ridiculous ramble, that will come later.