Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not dead. Just busy. This is a few things I've made lately.

Kwik Sew 3668 top without the ruffle on the front. I made this when it was stinking hot and needed woven cotton tops. It was too hot to wear knits of any kind. It's a pebble print quilting cotton that's been in the stash for ages. Not very exciting, but it served its purpose.

This is the McCalls dress that everyone has made. I've forgotten the number and I'm too lazy to go downstairs and look it up. Front and back views. I made this from a very light knit I bought at the op shop for $2. Of, course, I wear it with a black slip underneath. This dress got more comments than anything I've made in ages.

This skirt is Vogue 8672 View C. I made it with leftover cotton sateen that I will regret. Whilst comfortable and lovely, this fabric is a bitch to keep pressed. This will wrinkle in no time flat, but I love it anyway. Caramel is a hard colour to match with anything, though. I might actually iron this and try and find something to wear with it to work tomorrow.

Five babies have been born around me lately. Here is some gift knitting that also served the double purpose of getting rid of the single balls of yarn left in my stash. You can't see it very well in this picture but this is actually a sweet aran knit.

Likewise with this one, there is an aran band around the middle. I've also made five of these tomato hats, but you only really need to see one.

This set is my favourite. I had a 200g ball each of red and yellow alpaca leftover from some cardigans from last year. I had enough to make two of these outfits and I had planned to make this outfit in reverse colours, but Gypsy the poodle from next door stole the ball of red yarn and until she reveals where she has put it, my plans for the outfit are on hold.

Lastly, just because I know it freaks people out, here is a baby waterdragon that has taken refuge on Vera's boob.