Sunday, May 27, 2012

More with the red and the black ...

This dress started life as NL6000 which has been in my collection for a while.    I was inspired by Rhinestones and Telephones Franken Pattern Pledge earlier this year to finally get to grips with patterns and fabric that have languished in my stash for some time and so this was a great place to start.  So many others have made this dress and it really is a great pattern.  Except for the sleeves.  I don't like 3/4 sleeves at the best of times, but I loathe them when they have these stupid cuffs and buttons that look like wings.  No problem; I can Franken Pattern.  I blended the sleeve from M5466 (also previously unused) with the original sleeve and therein lies the problem.  What happens when you replace a loose, shorter sleeve with a longer, fitted sleeve?  You can't move. 

After some cursing and swearing I added a lovely diamond gusset.  The picture isn't very clear, but it works and the dress is now wearable.   I lined it in bemberg and completely ignored the facings, just understitching the lining at the neck.

The fabric is a microfibre I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics about two years ago.  It has a slightly sueded finish but photographs with a sheen, so these pictures don't do it justice.  In fact, it looks unpressed in these shots, but it is.  I love the pleats on the side and I love the way the collar falls.  I tried about 5 different buttons, but I went with this one; a vintage silvered glass button.  I love garments like this that can make use of those special single buttons we all have in our stashes.  This one came from a button jar I bought at an op shop in Mullumbimby many years ago, so who knows where it began its life.  I'd guess it dates from the 30's.

Finally I finished the last of my free skirts from my TNT pencil skirt pattern, which it turns out is Burda 8715, a pattern I bought in about 1998.  I've made the skirt tons of times, but the jacket only once, although now I'm looking at it, it might just have to go back into the queue. 

 The fabric is another op shop piece of wool that cost me a whopping $1.50. I don't know if it shows in this picture, but the thin stripe is a brilliant blue, which just lifts this skirt and allows so many more wardrobe possibilities.

Parting shot: In my sewing room, I have a futon sofa that becomes a queen size bed  and this is Molly while I was sewing today. 

There won't be any more sewing this week until I get a new iron; my old one crapped out today.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I even managed some sewing ...

I've been a little quiet lately because work has had me running around the country like crazy.  I started on a small red, black and white travel capsule collection but the limited availability of basic sewing supplies in Hobart meant that I didn't get much of it finished in time.  The one thing I did manage to finish was this skirt which was then promptly rendered useless when the zipper broke.  This morning I made a trip to Spotlight in the hope they had restocked their zippers.  They hadn't, of course, so I had to buy a longer one but that wasn't a disaster.  So, a week later than planned, here is my new favourite skirt.  BWOF 02-11-103.

You may recall I recently made this pattern for SWAP.  I love the first skirt and I wear it a lot, so I'm sure this one will be the same.  It's a perfect work skirt for me; comfortable and professional looking, but with enough style to stop it from being boring.  It needs a really good press.

Earlier this year, I bought a whole heap of lining fabrics on sale at Spotlight for $3 a metre as I like to have a selection on hand for when inspiration strikes.  This one seemed perfect with the red wool.  As I have 2 metres each of the wool and the lining left, I'm contemplating a jacket but first of all I need to finish a dress that is also part of this collection.  I hope to get to that tomorrow.