Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's too darn hot ...

Anyone on the eastern seaboard of Australia will know what I mean. I live in the subtropics; I should be used to this. Once again, it was 29degrees celsius at 8am today. I took Molly down to the beach for a swim and then we came home and stayed inside.
I've managed to finish a few things. First up is a BWOF skirt, 08-07-117 I think. This had a self fabric belt, but as this sateen crushes easily, I decided not to make it as it would look crap in no time flat. This is stunning cotton sateen from Gorgeous Fabrics and is probably better suited to winter wear where I live. I will press this before I wear it. Have I mentioned it's hot here?

Next up is bermuda shorts and I think they are from BWOF 07-07 and are possibly number 106, but I'm not sure. it's more of the diamond twill that I love I had intended to show these on me, but even now at 6.30pm, I am drenched in sweat and can't get these on. I have made the pockets and waistband facing from a scrap leftover from my Birthday Dress of last post. As it's too hot to wear these, you may have to wait until winter before you see them on me.

Finally is the completion of a UFO, ironically also from BWOF 07-07, but I can't recall the number. I started this in 2009 and observant readers will recall this hanging on my second dummy (now called Gooch) in the background of many of my photos since then. I ended up redoing the collar, using a contrast fabric for the inside stand and the undercollar. I also removed the epaulettes and tabs and ignored the pockets. Not sure about this, I may shorten it to a blouse/jackety short of thing. Don't know if I like it or not. Oh and my skills have improved since I started this dress!

This final shot is of Gypsy, the poodle from next door. She's helping me trace off a Burda pattern. This was at 7.30 this morning, before I decided to abandon work that required thinking.

My friend Rod is taking me to lunch tomorrow as a belated birthday gift and I intend to wear my birthday dress!