Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stash busting continues ...

I've had a length of doubleknit sitting on my sofa since I started planning for my SWAP last year.  I bought it last winter for a jacket and when I had it in my hand I changed my mind.  It's black on one side and charcoal grey on the other and it looks a little like denim.  I toyed with the idea of making a pair of skinny jeans, but at the last minute today decided to make this skirt.

It's BWOF 05-12-113 and I made version A, the shortest of the three.  It's one pattern piece, the same for front and back.  Two of the views use a sew on facing, but one version has a cut-on foldover facing and that's what I used.  I really is a simple skirt, but with six pleats folding onto each other, it got a little bulky in the doubleknit so keep that in mind if you go to make this skirt.  I've graded the seams so it sits neatly now, but it was a struggle to get it under the presser foot.  Even in a jersey, it's still a lot of layers. 

It doesn't look that good on Vera as it's shaped to fit my curves, not Vera's angles, but I really like the way it looks and feels.  I've made this for the sole purpose of sitting in an all day meeting.  Once a month I go to Melbourne for a managers' meeting and six hours sitting in one chair can get really uncomfortable.  Last month I wore the wide-legged pants I made for my SWAP thinking they'd be loose and comfortable, but they weren't.  This skirt should do the trick.

To go with it I made yet another version of my TNT long sleeve tshirt from KS3338.  This fabric is leftover from a UFO/wadder that has been in my sewing room for abut 6 years now.  It represents my first foray into sewing from vintage patterns so the fit isn't good.  I probably need to throw it away, but I love the fabric so I tell myself that one day I will fix it and finish it.  In the meantime, I was delighted to realise I had plenty left to make a tshirt.  I bought the fabric from Fashionista Fabrics many years ago now and it makes me think of Beardsley prints, although it's nothing like one.  It feels a little art nouveau anyway.

Judi asked me about how I finished the neckline on the red and white striped top and I never got around to answering her.  I know a lot of people sew knits on the overlocker but I don't like to.  I use the stretch stitch on my machine.   I sew the binding on to the neckline with the edge of the presser foot lined up with the edge of the fabric (I think it's 4 or 5mm).  I then fold the fabric over to the inside using the seam allowance to determine the width.  With a twin needle I stitch from the outside with one needle in the ditch and the other needle on the neckline.  This gives a clean and simple finish. Sometimes on  fabric that has a more casual, sporty feel I stitch with both needles on the binding about 2mm from the seam so both lines of stitching remain visible.  I hope this makes sense.  I really should have taken pictures - sorry!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

This time a practical skirt ...

This is V8426 and I've made this at least five times now in various views.  When I bought this pattern many years ago I never expected it to become a much loved TNT, but it has.  It's purely a work pattern; I don't wear skirts this long outside of work.

The great thing about this skirt for work is that it allows me to be covered and professional, but is still form fitting and feminine enough to still have a slightly flirty feel that stops me feeling frumpy.

Unfortunately this hasn't photographed well, so it looks lumpy and wrinkled, but I promise it looks better on me.  In keeping with my stash busting, this is made from a scrap of mustard doubleknit that I bought at the op shop for $3 about 5 years ago.  I'm loving mustard and black at the moment, so this will be worn to work tomorrow with a black long sleeve t and black boots.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not very practical sewing ...

This is BWOF 05-12-125 skirt which is a bit of a folly for me.  It's impossible to tell from this shot, but the hem is raised in front and lowered in the back in a gentle curve.  The hem is faced, which is a lovely touch.

The fabric is a stretch twill I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics some time ago and for some reason I only bought one yard.  My standard purchase is 2 metres (or yards) of anything so I have no idea what I had in mind when I bought this.

I call this a folly because this there aren't too many ways I can wear this.  I have a white top that goes with it, but I think I need a nice little black singlet to go with it for summer.  I'll try a few other colours when summer comes.  It's such a statement skirt and that means it's not very versatile but the high waist and dip down in front is very flattering and it makes me happy.  Plus, it clears yet another piece from my stash and that means less I have to pack when I go home!

I feel a little like I'm marking time at the moment.  I have some applications on the go and I feel positive.  All things being equal, I will be home by christmas.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stash busting

In an attempt to give my non-existent mojo a good shove I've resorted to stash busting.  Not only does this get creative juices flowing, this is also a good way to clear bulky fabric out of the cupboard and maybe even get a usable garment or two.

First up is a pair of track pants from KS 3678 which I've made a few times before.  I like this pattern because there are no side seams, the front and back are cut in one piece.  They are close fitting and not baggy so they don't feel too scummy to wear around the house.  The black fleece was leftover from a project I made about 4 years ago so these are free.

Second up is a dress made from another frankenpattern of my TNT long sleeve tshirt KS 3338 combined with KS3633 dress pattern, which is also now a TNT.  Both of these are altered to fit my shape.  I've also added the self-drafted cowl from an Australian Stitches magazine from a few years ago.  The Stevie Nicks inspired red panne was an offcut I bought at the op shop for $1 so this is an almost free garment.

It has worked to some extent as I managed to trace a pattern from  BWOF 05/12 and even managed to cut it out.  I don't have any white thread I (how did I run out of that??) or the right length zipper, so it's stalled until I have 5 or 6 hours free to wait in line at Spotlight. 

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes.  I feel better this week, but I really want to go home.  I have a few job irons in the fire so I hope it will happen soon.