Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seriously, what was I thinking?

This is Vogue 8594. I love the dress, I've muslined it and it fits perfectly. The fabric is my beloved sateen and my work is very good. Why did I choose white? I don't wear white. I thought I could. It's just so WHITE.

You probably can't see the detail, but the bodice is embroidered and beaded. I'd planned something entirely different and then this just came into my head and before I knew what I was doing I was buying white pearlescent embroidery thread and white pearlescent beads. On a WHITE dress.

Maybe when I should stop worrying until I finish it tomorrow.

While I'm complaining, though, I will whinge about pattern instructions. I read the instructions for this dress twice and then put them carefully back in the envelope. Why do pattern companies persist in telling us to do so much handsewing when I can completely insert this lining by machine?

Come back tomorrow and see how it turns out. I'm going to drink some RED wine now.


Vicki said...

Beautiful work! Hope it turns out just right. Maybe some metallic accessories? Enjoy the red.

arnysews said...

Ooooh! can't wait to see the finished article. I have this pattern in my queue - I just love all the seam details.
BTW you might have to change to drinking WHITE in this dress LOL

Sheila said...

The dress is coming along nicely and like the detail at the bodice... will stay tuned for the finale.

kbenco said...

The beading looks amazing, and white is so cool and fresh on a hot day, even if you don't usually wear it.

Caroline said...

If, in the end, you really don't like the white, try dying it. The beads and embroidery floss would turn out a different color from the background (and may indeed stay white), which could be a cool effect.