Sunday, February 5, 2012

SWAP garment number 7

This isn't a great picture, taken as it is on the floor, complete with dog hair. It's BWOF 05-07-112 and this is the fourth time I've made it. This time, though, I made a few alterations. I lengthened the crotch of the front piece and rounded the side seams to fit my rounded hips. In keeping with the theme of SWAP this year, I finally decided to tackle the pants fitting issue. I muslined four pairs of pants but came back to this one, which has always been the best fit I've had off the bat. I'm pretty happy with this fit, but you will have to reserve judgement until I can be bothered to mess with the tripod and show you what they look on me. I think I will always struggle to get a smooth, wrinkle free fit in a closer style because I have muscular front thighs that create a hollow at the top of my legs. This pair of pants finally used the last of this lavender pinstripe fabric and I'm glad to have a good pattern.
Coming up is a black high waisted wide legged pair of pants, very Katherine Hepburn. I'm also planning a white button down shirt because I really need one. I think I've decided on a dress and I will finish up with a pair of jeans. That means my SWAP will look like this;
2 x skirts (already made)
2 x button down shirts (one made, one planned)
2 x pants (one made, one planned)
2 x dresses (one made, one planned)
1 x blouse (already made)
1 x jacket (already made)
1 x jeans (planned)
I am a little obsessed with tie neck blouses at the moment and my obsession was reawakened by Trena who in a recent post reminded me of the magnificent BWOF 02-08-119. For some reason I can't link to her post to show you. This is the only Burda magazine I don't have, so if anyone has a spare copy or is willing to trace me a copy of this blouse, I would be eternally grateful. I might have accidentally bought some fabric that might look good in this pattern ...


kbenco said...

Your trousers sound excellent.Muslining 4 patterns is particularly noble,just the thought is making me feel tired.
Alas,my subscription started in June 2008. Why is it the ones we don't have that are so compelling?

Faye Lewis said...

"complete with dog hair" - I love you! You sound so much like me minus the dog (lol). From what I can tell from them lying on the floor "looks GREAT" to me. You are to be commended for working so hard on getting pants to fit. I really need to get back on that job.
As for your swap, looks like you've got that thing well on the way, and it sounds like such a good plan. Sorry I don't have the Burda magazine, if I did I'd certainly send it to you.
And how in the world do you accidentally by fabric. Just kidding - I completely understand.

Sue said...

Great trousers. I have that magazine and have that pattern traced off in a size 42 - too big for you I am sure (that would have been too easy!) You can contact me via my email addy quiltsewsewsue at gmail dot com if you want me to send it or to trace your real size! :)

StephC said...

If you decide you need a helping hand with your pants, I can point you in the right direction... The front wrinkles thing is pretty common, I can send you a picture of what to do about it if you like...

The SWAP's looking good!

Sharon said...

Your pants looks very good on the floor (including the dog hair, an essential accessory in my house). The rest of your SWAP is looking very impressive. I need to check my Burdas, not sure if I had started subscribing then.

beurreblanc said...

I have that issue too, and have it traced off in a 42. Its a great pattern, I've worn my blouse over and over ( it helps that it is made up in a great navy jersey that looks good wash after wash and doesn't need ironing). Let me know what size you'd like and I'll trace it off for you.

Those pants look great too.


Gail said...

Your Swap is coming together well. I have been mentally doing a SWAP (the sort that you only partially commit to) and guess what I'm also thing black wide leg trousers of the Hepburnish variety. Happy sewing!

Sheila said...

I have come to realize that the fabric dictates how your pants will fit. I have made a total of 6 pairs of pants that fit nicely, but each time have had to tweak it (in the same areas) same pattern S4273 and have come to the realization... yeah our body changes causes tweaking, but for the most part fabric is the culprit... lol

Nice looking pants and that is an impressive swap you're making.

Cennetta said...

your pants look great. A nice additional to your SWAP.

velosewer said...

Great pants. They're awesome.