Sunday, March 3, 2013

Potential SWAP addition

I've been a bit stuck with what to sew next as I can't find the fabric I want.  I saw it when I didn't want it and now I can't find it but then with only ONE fabric store in Tasmania, what else can I expect.  If anyone sees matte gold or champagne sequin fabric please let me know.  Even a bronze would work.

These shorts are a real TNT. It's the Burda Ruby shorts that I downloaded free many years ago, pre blog days, in fact.  The fabric is the same.  It's a lovely soft stretch sateen that is leftover from a dress I made to wear to a wedding many years ago.  As I've been slowly packing I keep coming across things that might work for my SWAP, so this keeps with my stashbusting challenge.  The buttons and thread were from stash, too, so these are free.

The mirror shots are a little dark but they do fit me, despite the odd wrinkles.  It's hard to photograph yourself in a mirror.

Here they are on the floor and below you can see the cute little bound pocket on the front.  This pocket is the perfect size for an ipod or mobile phone, so these make great walking shorts for me.

 Whenever I make these shorts for some reason I always make the button facings and pocket bags a contrast colour.
I don't love the buttons, but I have lots of them in stash and I know I'll stop noticing them soon.

I managed to find a lovely piece of chocolate silk chiffon at a very reasonable price.  Some moron working in Spotlight had clearly mislabelled it but I wasn't going to point it out to them.  I want to make a top to go with these shorts as well as the snake print pants from last time.

If these shorts make it into my SWAP that means I'm five garments down and six to go.  With my move date uncertain, I may find it hard to finish this year but I'm going to persist until the day I drive away from here.


kbenco said...

Very cute shorts. I can see why you like the Ruby pattern, they look great on you. I love the contrast insides. Good luck with the fabric hunt.

velosewer said...

These are cute.

Robyn said...

Great shorts - love the contrast facings and bands. Enjoy the good fortune of the incorrectly labelled fabric - too often I've got home only to realise I've been overcharged.

Sue said...

Cute shorts plus love the nail polish colour! Good on for taking that attitude with the buttons... sometimes we can get too perfectionist on details that don't bother you over time.

Gail said...

Carol the shorts look great and your fabric is gorgeous. Tessutis have lots of sequinned fabric at the moment. They have a great gold (not too shiny) with very small sequins.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love the idea of using a dressy dress fabric for shorts! Very cute. Your welt pocket is mighty impressive.