Monday, June 16, 2008

Vera's new jacket

Here's my dummy, Vera, modelling what will be her new jacket when it finally gets finished. So far, the shell is constructed and the lining sewn in. Neither the sleeves or bottom have been hemmed and the shoulder pads aren't sewin in yet because I want to try another pair and see if they are a better shape.

These pictures show Vera's jacket with no buttons, two large buttons and four smaller buttons. I'm still deciding on which and how many. The big and small buttons are the same, even though they look like different colours. They are vintage and unused, from a great op shop score some years ago. I think I'm leaning to the four smaller ones.

I've lined the jacket with orangey gold satin and I used the same fabric for the pocket bag to reduce the bulk, but also because I like seeing the satin peek out from the pocket to help break up the solidness of the jacket a little.
I've still got a long way to go on this capsule, but I don't feel too bad because the rest of the garments are easier than this one!


Vera Charles said...

What a funny name for a dummy. ;-)

Watching you kisses,

toy said...

beautiful Jacket, love the button placement, the color, its stunning

Gorgeous Things said...

Vera looks faboo in your jacket! I really love the lining!