Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vera's orange dress

I'm pleased to say that I've finished the orange satin Go Patterns 4001 dress. This pattern went together like a dream. I made the size 10, which fits without alteration from the original pattern. I did shorten it considerably because I prefer to wear my dresses mid thigh. This is still a little longer than I usually wear, but the style of the dress needs a little length. The picture is not great as it was hard to photograph satin and not have it reflect. When the whole wardrobe is complete, I'll get someone to take pictures of me wearing it, so hopefully you will be able to see more.

I love this dress! I love this pattern! I already have fabric standing by to make another. It is such a versatile pattern. In a satin like this it makes a great dinner dress, but in a cotton it will make a fantastic summer work dress. I'm going to try it with a few belts and a ribbon as the pattern suggests.
I've also tried it on with the still unfinished swing jacket from last post and I really like the look. I'll post pictures of the two things together when all my hand sewing is complete.
Next up; the Vogue skirt. It's mostly constructed, I just need to put the zip in and the waistband. I decided this morning that I will line the skirt, so that's my first task tonight. Hopefully you will see that in a day or two.
So far, I appear to be on track to finish the JCC by June 30. If the handbag kit I ordered turns up before the weekend, that will be my accessory. If it doesn't, I will go with Plan B; a Vogue cap.
I am waivering about the top. I'm thinking of changing my mind about it and making something else ...


Adrienne said...

You have every reason to love it! It is GORGEOUS!

Vera Charles said...

When you take a picture of the completed outfit on YOU....I want to see your face in the piccy too....k?

Curious kisses,

PS - The dress is beatiful.

KayB said...

Oh, I like this dress, gorgeous! And you're so right.... my JCC jacket would suit it perfectly :-) !