Monday, April 13, 2015

SWAP nearing completion...

Here are some hasty and very bad pictures of my SWAP so far.  This blouse is BWOF 05-10-129.  I've made this twice before but this time I left off the breast pockets and flaps. In addition, I lengthened both the bodice and the peplum by 2.5cm each.  You will recognise this fabric from the waistband facings and pocket bags of the skirt and shorts in my previous post.
Next up is a wildcard which is BWOF 05-09-103, which I've also made twice before.  I love, love, love this dress!

I dived deep into the Burda collection for this blouse.  It's so old, the Burda website doesn't go back this far.  It's BWOF 10-03-123 and I was surprised to realise I've been buying the magazine for this long!
This blouse is BWOF 05-10-128 and has the same bodice as the first blouse, but with a more full peplum, also lengthened like the first one.

I have one more top in production but I just ran out of energy to cut it finished today.  After that all I need is one more top and one more wildcard and SWAP will be DONE for 2015!

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Summer Flies said...

This is a gorgeous collection... I love all the pieces. Well I don't do animal prints but the style of that shirt is great. You've got some great fabrics showcased.