Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Home Stretch...

I've made the two final tops for my SWAP.   Funnily enough, the last one was not one I even intended to make, but it fits the plan better than the my original idea, or at least I think so.

First up is the top Burda 05-109-103 which is the same pattern as the pink geometric dress from last week. 

I lined it with a leftover from the geometric dress to and piped the waist band to tie it in with the initial other things in the collection.  The pink knit I used for the piping is leftover from a dress and top I made for the original Shetland Collection.

So with the pink knit sitting around as I sewed, I started to think that maybe I should use it up.  Whilst rummaging in my pattern box for a jacket pattern (which I only found today) I came across Burda 8715, which is one of the first patterns I ever bought.  The skirt pattern was the base for my TNT pencil skirt and I've made the jacket twice before, but I've never made the top.

I thought the high collar tied in well with the collar of the pink spotty blouse from last week. It actually looks way better on than it does on Vera and it gives two very different looks when tucked in or left out.  This was a real surprise to me and I'm so glad I made it.

To give myself an idea of whether or not the collection worked together and whether or not they worked with the fabric I have for the final garment, I laid them all out (still unpressed) on the bed to see how they look.  Overall I'm pretty pleased and now just have to decide on the final pattern!


Summer Flies said...

This is a great collection. I can't wait to see the last piece. I have loved grey and pink since I was a girl so this really speaks to me!

kbenco said...

These all look very good together. I like your use of the piping to enhance the coordination