Monday, July 7, 2008

The best laid plans ...

In my haste to complete the June Capsule Contest, I neglected to check whether or not my garments would actually look any good together. They don't.

This is my skirt. It looks pretty crappy hanging on a hanger against my crappy curtains (which only go up in winter). It's Vogue 8426, which Karen made so much better than I did. It fits really nicely on me, not so on Vera. She's not made for wearing skirts, hence the picture on a hanger. I'll never sew this skirt in corduroy again, however. I think I'll try denim like Karen's.

Now, whilst my skirt goes really well with the jacket shown here in all it's completed glory, except for the thread trimming that happened after the pic

and it goes spectacularly well with the Go Patterns dress (which I love to pieces), it does not go with the Plan C blouse from last post. In fact, it looks really bad. It makes me look fat, old and frumpy. I'm not showing those pictures. The Plan C Blouse looks great with a slim fitting pair of jeans and the sexy patent leather ankle boots I bought last weekend. I might show you that outfit next time. In the meantime you get this.
This was taken before the jacket was finished and with a piece of brown and orange ribbon tied around the waist to see how it looked. Note my very messy sewing room and the completely filthy hearth in the background (which has not been cleaned since last winter). This outfit has necessitated the purchase of a pair of shoes with the dubious name Barbarella. I couldn't import the picture, so go over and have a look. I LOVE the shoes as much as I love the dress. With my matching handbag as shown last post, I will probably be too much orange, but I can live with that.

So I have withdrawn from the June Capsule Contest, but at least I can still vote. I've seen some wonderful wardrobes so far and there are many more to come, so I know it will be a hard choice.
I really enjoyed this experience and I've learned a great deal. The most important lesson I have learned is this;

Wardrobe planning is about more than artfully draping pieces of fabric across furniture to see if they 'go together'. You also need to consider your choice of styles and make sure they go together as well.


Anonymous said...

Carol, I really like your garments and the bold use of colour!! The dress is TDF, the jacket just great, I really like the skirt (what´s wrong with corduroy?!) and the blouse looks nice enough on Vera. But I can also see your issue with the blouse/skirt combi- I would rather wear something with a little more cleavage. Either a Tee or a blouse with a regular collar, not buttoned up all the way.
Too bad you didn´t enter the items officially, I think your dress would have had the potential to run for "best garment"!

Margaret said...

And the jacket, too. I just love the way you used the dress fabric in the pockets. You have four great items here.

Did you see the other thread about the "July Capsule+ Sew Along"?

Sharon said...

Carol, your jacket is wonderful and goes so well with the dress and skirt, so sorry you didn't enter officially, these would have made the voting even harder.

Glad to see you are joining in on the July Capsule + Sew Along, see you there.

My Fabrication said...

I'm making this skirt at the moment and I noticed that the waistband seam doesn't curve as much as in the pattern. The same happened with mine (muslin only at this stage) - in fact I thought I may have sewn the piece upside down!