Monday, May 24, 2010

The skirt that nearly wasn't ...

And perhaps shouldn't have been. It's Vogue 8426 and I've made this several times now, but this one took me three days. The fit is perfect and I love the skirt, but I was an idiot and made a bad fabric choice. On top of that I cocked the zipper up three times and had to take it out three times (I put it in the wrong place), then I sewed the wrong bits together at the back. Then I totally messed up the waist bands and had to redo them. And I used faux suede. Not just any faux suede, a microfibre sofa covering faux suede. The fact that it will never crease on your sofa means that it is impossible to press the seams flat. The flash reflecting off the fabric makes this look worse than it really is. It is wearable and the colour is a lovely browny grey that looks nicer in real life and goes with so many things.
Here's the back. Will that pleat ever flatten out??
I went on to make this top. It's the BWOF 05-2009-103 and I've made it as a dress twice before. I absolutely love this style, either as a dress or top. I haven't hemmed it yet as I'm undecided about the length.
Tomorrow it's onto the TRENCH.


Karin (the Mrs.) said...

Wow, I never sewed with suede before, so I have no idea how you would need to treat it. I can imagine it's not very easy to press it. Can you even press it? I do love this skirt in suede by the way, nice!

Cute top too!

Gail said...

Have you tried pressing the seams from the inside? I'd use a rajah cloth and a very hot iron. I do love the line of the skirt.

Steph said...

Very nice. What about overlapping seams on suede to make it all lie flat? I've never sewn with it, very interesting.

Sharon said...

What about some topstitching, that will get them flat and keep them there.

Love the colour of your top.

Which Trench did you decide on?

kbenco said...

I love that skirt. I have 3 versions! I agree with Sharon, topstitching sounds like a good option.