Saturday, November 19, 2011

SWAP sideshow sewing

My mind is filled with Bluesfest because now that I no longer live a five minute drive away from the venue, of course, all of my favourite artists are playing. I am still deciding whether or not to fly up ...
One of the things I enjoy about Bluesfest every year is the artist sideshows. If you keep your eye on the music press you will find wonderful artists popping up for one off shows in all sorts of venues. With these thoughts in my head, I bring you some SWAP sideshow sewing.
I had a vague plan in my head for a purple, black and white SWAP, so during the week I pulled a whole pile of fabric from the stash and draped it all over the living room (Molly thought it was for her to sleep on). I've been adding to and subtracting from the pile all week.
This is a quick down and dirty shot on the sofa of what I've ended up with. I never consciously bought purple but it has appeared in my stash quite a lot. In addition to this pile, I have quite a few pieces that still co-ordinate, but don't fit with the plan that is starting to emerge. Hence the Sideshow Sewing.
This is KS3668 and has appeared in my SWAPs for 2010 and 2009 and is truly a TNT. I cut XS from shoulders to waist and graded to S at the hips. It's a very handy pattern to have and it looks better on a person. The fabric is cotton with a tiny purple flower and a nice olive green leaf scattered about. It was leftover from a skirt that I've long since worn out and tossed away. Buttons from stash - a totally free garment that will co-ordinate with some of the actual SWAP garments.
Now it's back to the scheduled sewing ...


Faye Lewis said...

one of the many wonderful parts of sewing - THE PLANNING STAGE! but the wonderful thing about planning is the liberty to switch up or even change our mind entirely. enjoy your summer swap, and i hope you get to go to the fest!

Sheila said...

You have some lovely pieces of purple and its one color that I rarely wear, but keep telling myself its high

Cute top and it has an asian inspired style to it.

StephC said...

I do that, too! Pile fabric in one place in my house and constantly re-arrange until I like the stack. Then it's set!

Will be looking forward to your Tasmanian posts. I'm KICKING myself for not coming to Byron while you were there!