Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 begins

I've finally sorted out this silly photo thing thanks to Anna, Faye and Maria who gave me all the answers I needed.  In downloading the Picasa software, though, I was a little alarmed to learn it has a facial recognition element that captured shots of people in photos on my computer and offered to automatically group new shots of the same people together!!!!  I intend to investigate this a little more.

Happy New Year to you all, a little belated I know.  I've been away for a few weeks and before that I was very busy so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I'll start by showing the last garment I made in 2012.  These skinny jeans were inspired by Carolyn who wrote a post a while back about red jeans being fashionable.  The very day I read this post I had rediscovered a length of crimson sateen in my stash that I bought a couple of years ago and forgotten all about.  The colour may not show very well but it is a slightly pinky red that I am finding goes with way more colours in my wardrobe than a straight clear red.  In these shots I am wearing a black top but I have also worn these pants with a hot pink halter top and I love the combination.  Sorry about the bad phone photos in the mirror, too.

The pattern is mostly BWOF 05-11-116 which has slit pockets that I don't like.  I frankenpatterned the top of my favourite Burda Anita Jeans (that I got as a free download years ago and I think is still available on the website) and added an inch to the back rise to fit my *ahem* curvy rear.  I love these pants. These pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't that clear.  I took these after wearing them all day and they haven't stretched out too much.

I've read a number of 2012 recaps, so I thought I'd add my count to the list.  I was stunned to find I've made a total of 49 garments.  I didn't think I'd been that productive.  I've also improved some of my techniques, so all things considered it was a good sewing year.

I have yet to start sewing for SWAP.  In the years past I have had four or five garments sewn by this time, but as I was away all I've done is buy fabric this year.  I've washed fabric and I will make a start today.

Finally, I am thrilled to say that I have been given a One Lovely Blog Award by Lin3arossa

Apparently I have to include 7 things about myself, so here goes ....

1. I am weeks away from turning 50 and don't know how I got here

2. I play the drums

3. I am really a hippy at heart and can't wait to get back to my farm

4. I love white chocolate

5. I used to have a career working in film and television as a Production Manager

6. If I were young enough to start a new career I would be a physicist

7. I would sell my soul to the devil for an hour in the company of Freddie Mercury and yes I am serious.


Judith said...

Pants looks super in that brilliant pink fabric - well done!

Summer Flies said...

I love your pants! Welcome to 50.. I think! I'd love to hear what a production manager does. what an interesting conversation you'd have with Freddie.. have you watched the ABC programmes recently about Freddie and Queen... I haven' seen all of them but I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Robyn said...

Those pants look fantastic - the fit is perfect and I love the colour.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love those jeans! They are totally on-trend and the fit is fabulous.

Sharon said...

Fantastic pants and great colour, navy will be perfect as well.

Faye Lewis said...

Those are some great looking skinny jeans - love the color too!

velosewer said...

I'm so glad you've worked out the photo on blogger. And not just because you've got some amazing skinny jeans to show:)
They're smoking hot.

Sue said...

You wear those fab red pants well for someone almost 50!

Sarah Shewring said...

Just stumbled on your blog& can't stop reading it! I love everything you have made!
I would also sell my soul, or anything else for that matter, to have a conversation with Freddie. Oh yes!
Anyway, you have a new follower! Happy sewing& please keep blogging!