Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pattern tracing

During the August Wardrobe in a Week competition I made this dress.

It was from a pattern drafted from this book, which I bought at an op shop for 20c last year. For more information about who Enid Gilchrist is and the range of books she wrote, take a look at Tracy's blog, Inspired by Enid.

Although I found it interesting at the time, I didn't actually ever think I would draft a pattern from these instructions.

But I did and it was easy! From this shot you can see the dress that inspired mine.

Rather than sewing, this weekend I have drafted four patterns from this book from scratch. I've even muslined one of them. I won't bore you with pictures of my patterns or the ugly muslin, but I am rather proud of my achievements.

One pattern will be my Chanel inspired jacket. I am dedicating the next week to that project in a vague attempt to make the November 15 deadline. I will also use a lengthened version of the jacket for my SWAP. I also traced two dresses. For the basic dress there is a choice of sleeve lengths, a choice of necklines and two different dart placement styles. In coming weeks, I will show you more pictures from the book to give you an idea of how useful this 20c book is. In fact,I may never have to buy another pattern again!

The rest of my weekend has been taken up in altering a few patterns to make them TNTs. I've even frankenpatterned two pairs of pants into one for DH, so he now has a TNT pants and shirt pattern.

To round off my non sewing weekend, I placed a fabric order and will now spend the rest of my evening thinking about SWAP 2010.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW you have been very energetic and productive :) I look forward to seeing your garments. Your dress looks beautiful.

Faye Lewis said...

Love your dress.

Sharon said...

Your dress is wonderful, love the colour and the style.

Looking forward to seeing your SWAP ideas.

Gail said...

This book will become even more valuable once the 60s inspired fashions from the movie An Education hit the stores.

Faye Lewis said...

One of my plans for the chanel jacket is to wear it with skinny black jeans - so we are thinking much alike.

Ebony said that other people would like to join me in the "annual month of tops", I thought no one would be interested - proved me wrong! Please join me!!! That would be so fun!

Faye Lewis said...

Please post your email address on my blog so I can add you to the month of tops blog.