Monday, December 21, 2009

In No Particular Order ...

The completed dress.A pair of pants I made for DH - I'm very pleased with the pockets. It's his TNT pants pattern developed from a Kwik Sew front with slant pockets, a morphed BWOF back and BWOF slim legs.This is the inside of the waistband using a technique shown by Martyn Smith in Australian Stitches. It is a RTW method made easy for home sewing and makes a really wonderfully firm and neat waistband. I also made the pocket bags from the same fabric.
This is the first of many christmas gifts. A bag from a McCalls pattern which I don't have to hand to tell you the number. The pattern is for quilted fabric but I used canvas interfaced with a very stiff fusible. I'm still trying to get the wretched chalk marks off!This is the interior with a cute, loud lining I had leftover from a dress from many years ago. Another christmas bag, one again made from the free Hot Patterns Sumatra bag. I will never make this again - trying to jam those *&%^# handles into my sewing machine nearly did my head in. This is a curtain fabric I bought at a remnants sale the other day. It's quite thick. These are the recipients favourite colours.
This is the interior lined with a marble printed fabric remnant I found the other day. I love this fabric and wish there was a lot more. The third bag is made from a heavy knit with a sueded finish. I underlined with canvas for body. It is the Hot Patterns Slouchy Hobo bag and I love it! I have fabric to make one of these for myself from faux suede. The picture does not do it justice, it has a lovely shape to it.

The interior is lined with a quilting cotton that I don't love, but it matches. You can see my green nail polish here that I wore to match my pink and green dress.Here's the first bathrobe in the smallest size. It's a Kwik Sew pattern and I don't have the number with me. This was very easy sewing. I have already given this one and I am told that the recipient wore it to feed the chooks this morning!Here's a blue bathrobe in a larger size. I knocked two of these and a handbag out in one day, so they are pretty quick and easy.
Here's a t shirt I made in about five minutes. I was trawling through my stash looking for something to line the black bag in and I found this remnant (the remains of something from a thousand years ago). I don't like blue - I don't wear blue, but I know a lady who loves it. I stopped my searching and went straight to my TNT KwikSew t shirt pattern. This was cut and sewn up in under 40 minutes. The quickest, cheapest gift of all!

There are loads more, but it was taking forever to load the pictures so I stopped. More soon.


Vicki said...

Wow, you have been busy. I made some embroidered hand towels as gifts last night. Not sure how good they will be - they are currently in the dryer after washing off the Solvy. But that is the extent of my sewing...and it isn't really sewing either is it?

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You definitely have been productive. They are all wonderful gifts. Your recipients will be so pleased.

Gail said...

Wow Carol you've been scarily productive! Your men's wear is amazing. You should be proud of those pockets.

Sharon said...

Your dress looks devine.

How do you fit all the sewing in. Great collection of gifts and I need to check out the Martyn Smith article.

kbenco said...

Carol, your dress! The print is so gorgeous.
The gifts knock my socks off, that is mad keen sewing. You are fast, and I want to be on your gift list, what terrific presents.
I bet the chooks loved the bathrobe :).

Lindsay T said...

Wow, you have been very productive! Nice work.

kanishk said...

They are all wonderful gifts. Your recipients will be so pleased.

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