Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shetland Collection: I'm a Jeanious

I thought of many bad jeans related puns...

These are based on BWOF 05-11-116 skinny jeans which have funny little slit pockets.  I morphed the traditional jeans front pocket from the old Burda Anita jeans that I downloaded free many years ago.  There is no button yet as I ran out of silver jeans buttons, but the rivets are on - you can just make them out.

 They started as a size 38 but I lengthened the back to match a pair of Levis Bold Curve skinny jeans (another genius invention) and changed the shape of the crotch curve so it covered my fat middle-aged-ass.  I took about 3 inches out of the waist to make it fit. 

I tried to take some pictures of me wearing them but it was a bit of a disaster (as you can see from this shot in which my butt looks as big as cow) and a waste of time, so you only get flat shots from my crappy camera.

In a moment of drunken madness pure inspiration I decided to reference the Shetland flag in my pocket stitching.

 I used some scraps of a weird red and purple poly cotton leftover from a shirt I made at least ten years ago.  Again, my camera won't focus but you get the idea!

In other sewing news...this is a skirt made from my TNT pattern.  It's a soft crepey wool and I stupidly lined it with a rustly grey lining fabric so this may or may not be tossed out.  I will stick it in the magic closet for a while and see what happens!

Last up is this dress I made a while ago.  It is BWOF 04-14-112 dress which I was prepared to hate.  As it turns out, this is a comfortable, wearable dress and I've had loads of compliments when I wear it!.


Eileen said...

I love the pockets (stitching) on the back pockets, You are a brave soul.....I would love to make jeans, but I'm afraid! I like them

Faye Lewis said...

Yep you are a jeanious, those jeans look great. Love the back pocket detail. Great glen plaid skirt and love, love, love the dress.

Dorothy DotDot said...

Your jeans look great! I'm fitting for a pair. We'll see if it happens.