Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shetland Collection: Ambivalence...

This pattern is the jacket from Vogue 2989 wardrobe pattern (now OOP) that's been in my collection for five years or so I think.  So far I have only made the dress, which is my favourite knit dress EVER.  It's flattering and comfortable and the raised neck at the back is perfect for me in winter.

The jacket, however, is not my favourite.  I'm not sure I like it.  I thought the peplum might be flattering, but it just makes me look fat.
 The front is held together with a large hook and eye (the kind used on furs) which I didn't photograph, sorry.  The sleeves are a little looser than I would like, but as I will wear this over layers, it might be OK.  It's hard to sew winter clothes on a hot day when all you want to wear is underwear!

 The fabric is a multi colour knit, and I've taken a flash free pic below to give you a better indication of the colour.  I bought it for the pink and it goes with a lot of things I already own....if I liked it.


Faye Lewis said...

How did I miss that - love it! Yours is sooooo cute.

Dorothy DotDot said...

Love the fabric and the cardi!