Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shetland Collection: Sidebar

I hadn't planned to make this garment, but the fabric was there, the overlocker had pink thread in it and I knew I could knock this one over quickly.

Like the long sleeve tshirt from yesterday, I've made these shorts more times than I remember.  They've even featured in two previous travel wardrobes.  A red, black and white one here and an orange and brown one here.

These are the Burda Ruby Shorts that I downloaded many, many years ago when the patterns were all still free.

As you can see, I've used the pink fabric from the high waisted skirt and the final remnant of the silk/cotton paisley from last weeks top.  Buttons from stash, so this is essentially a free garment

 I even made the little pocket bag out of the paisley fabric.  Sorry about the out of focus pic!
As inappropriate as it may be, I still wear shorts in winter with tights and boots.   I will wear these in Shetland and as there is probably a warm climate stop off either end of the Shetland trip, they can double up as hot weather wear.
I think I need to get the leggings and skinny jeans underway and I really need to decide on a coat pattern and get my charcoal wool prepped!  Watch this space...


cidell said...

Welcome back! I love shorts with tights. And, I made something like this a few years ago. These are super cute. I love the color (obviously).

Summer Flies said...

Lovely. I love these. I love the pink and I love the paisley and I love how you think re using the shorts for summer and winter wear.

Jenny said...

Wow, these look fantastic! Well done.

Faye Lewis said...

Really cute Carol. Love the paisley treatment!