Monday, October 6, 2014

Shetland Collection: Basic tops

I've continued with the not-exciting basics.  These tops will see lots of wear, Shetland or not!

First up is my much favoured TNT KS3338 with the self drafted cowl from the Australian Stitches magazine.   This pattern is XS at the top, then shifts out top S at the hips and is lengthened to the XXL length.  I've lost count of how many times I've made this.  The fabric is a heavy cotton/lycra blend.  Boring but very useful!

Next up is V8790 made from a thin cheap poly cotton lycra blend fabric that I think I got from Spotlight at a very cheap price.  I like the longer length of this top and it will look great over leggings and skinny jeans that are yet to be made.  I have a love/hate relationship with wrap front tops but I love the colour of this one and it will be put to good use.
As always, this looks better on me than on Vera.  I made an 8 at the top, blending down to a 10 at the bottom.  I really like the high neckline at the back.  As someone with a short haircut, this makes a real difference to a winter top

I've got a few extra garments in the mix that I'll present tomorrow.  I really apologise for the bad pictures, I need to get a new camera.


Jenny said...

Your tops look great! I love the pretty purple color. I have a sudden craving for purple in my wardrobe. Is it some subliminal advertising I don't know about?

Summer Flies said...

I love the tops. The purple one is gorgeous. I love wrap tops and I like the detail on the back neck.