Monday, October 27, 2014

Shetland Collection: Crimson Overload

Somehow 3m of this crimson knit appeared in my stash.  I have a really vague memory of buying in the Lismore Spotlight this time last year, but I can't be certain.  It must have been cheap because I bought 3m of it!

I made View C of M5975.  I've made several versions of this over the years, but I love it.  It's a great pattern and works really well for me. 

As I was taking this photograph, I remembered a slim fitting wool crepe dress in this exact colour that me and a friend bought in a op shop in about 1975 and shared until it fell apart.  That op shop, in the suburb I grew up in, was in the electorate of Gough Whitlam.  Ironic that I should be remembering those happy days of my childhood in the week of his passing.

I had plenty of leftover fabric and so while I was threaded up I made another version of KS3888.   I love the simplicity of the binding on the neckline.

I have more fabric left so I will probably drag it out for a summer top!

I was going to start cutting out my overcoat tonight but as it's still about 24 degrees at 8.30pm, I don't think I will. It's hard to sew for a northern winter when it's so hot!


Summer Flies said...

I love that dress... it is gorgeous. Lucky score! It is still warm tonight I won't do the ironing!

Sewingelle said...

There is no such thing as crimson overload!
Lovely dress and top.

Sharon said...

Wow you have busy, all great pieces, love the crimson dress and top and sorry the wrap skirt didn't work!

Janine said...

Your winter wardrobe is looking very coordinated.Actually it looks like one of those artisan square swaps . I would love to see your final garments in a single post if possible ???

Sheila said...

Very pretty and love the color.

Cennetta said...

Carol, it's been awhile since my last visit to your blog. I see you continue to make beautiful things. I really like your new top and dress.

Summer Flies said...

Hi Carol, it would have been great to have you at the Frocktails. There is a Facebook group called Brisbane Spoolettes, but I don't do Facebook and I hear from one of the other girls by email when something is on. They sometimes have lunch and fabric shopping too. If you don't do Facebook, now I know I'll let you know when I know something is on. Sofie